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Gitanidarsana: Similies of the Bhagavadgita

In the Bhagavadgita, Krishna employs various teaching methods to aid Arjuna's comrehension
and to remove his doubts. He often explains a difficult statement with the aid of a simile drawn
from everyday experience, and the Bhagavadgita contains some of the most suggestive
similies in the entire literature of Hindusim. These add a visual dimension to words and
invite reflection and exploration.

In this two-part series, Professor Rambachan has chosen twelve similies for discussion.
They deal with diverse, but interrelated matters such as nature of the self, death,
scriptures, self-control, God, wisdom and peace. They offer an exciting entrance into the
Hindu world of view and into the docrines of the Bhagavadgita (uniyatra).

The topics covered in the video are further discussed in the text- Gitanidarsana

Hindu Vision

This is a two-part series. Part One explores the diversity of Hinduism
and the goals of Hindu life. Rambachan explains concepts such as
dharma, karma, samskara, moksha and avidya. Part Two examines the Hindu view of
the self, explores the nature and meaning of worship in Hindusim, and considers
the problem of polytheism. It investigates the role of icons; the doctrine of arcavatara; and
such rituals as the arati, kirtana, samakaras and darsana (insight-media).

Hinduism: Wisdom and Way

Hinduism Wisdom and Way is a multimedia CD-ROM providing an informative,
reliable and exciting introduction to the basic elements of Hindu teaching and practice.
It contains over 20 video clips, 70 images, and 24 recitations of sacred texts, chants
selections of musical instruments and songs (Uniyatra).